J.L. Forrest

I write science fiction and fantasy. Like Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, or Michael Chabon, my writing carries me across genres, and I constantly wish to challenge readers’ perceptions of genre — I love any tale excellently told.

Leave the world awhile — or explore its every nook. Give my stories a read.

Active SFWA.

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When the World Ends, J.L. Forrest

Bett wants more than anything to survive. But how do you survive the end of the world?

A plague called Blight. Violence, fire, and zealotry. Fear, floods, famine, and war. Bett must overcome these, and she must keep moving.

To the north, the U.S. military has cordoned off Fairbanks, inviting survivors of Blight to hole up as long as possible in the wilds of Alaska. A generation or two is all the Earth’s got left, but maybe they can make the best of it?

To the south, a self-proclaimed King is offering everyday people a one-way ticket off the Earth. Avidità, one of the New Gods of the emerging technological singularity, is the only trillionaire who doesn’t seem anxious to leave the poor behind.

In the crux of her decision, Bettina encounters a bewildering, witchy woman who speaks with animals and who listens to whispers on the wind. Mystifying things walk the enduring forests, and rumours of Old Gods spread terror throughout the Cascades.

Old Gods who have no intention of letting the Earth die. Old Gods who want Bett on their side. Read When the World Ends today.

Minuscule Truths, J.L. Forrest

Minuscule Truths collects ten stories of speculative literature — from hard-science fiction to dark, mythopoetic fantasy — and weaves them into an experience which will haunt you long after you’ve read the last word. Many of these tales appear in print for the first time, while others clawed their way into existence through the likes of Analog Science Fiction and Fact or Crossed Genres.

About J.L. Forrest’s short stories, Honest Indie Reviews writes, “Forrest’s stories put Faulkner’s ‘eternal verities’ of love, honor, courage and compassion on bold display, gems in ring settings of the bizarre, dramatic and even frightening. These are great stories from a writer who knows the techniques of good writing and infuses them with heart, soul, insight and a fearful imagination.”

Publisher Jessica Brawner writes, “This is an entertaining mix of short stories that draws the reader into each new world the author explores. Mr. Forrest has a great command of language and vividly paints his characters.”

Available digitally or in paperback.

Delicate Ministrations, J.L. Forrest

Delicate Ministrations brings together eleven powerful, insightful, and entertaining works of science fiction and fantasy, including the novella Liminal. These tales carry us to the far reaches of space, then draw us into intimate fantasies whose fearful insights expose the brightest and darkest parts of ourselves.

Reviewer Benyakir Horowitz described these stories as a cross between Kurt Vonnegut and and Kurt Cobain.

Available digitally or in paperback.

Requies Dawn, J.L. Forrest

Requies Dawn is the first installment of the Eternal Requiem. It is the tale of a terrifying and perfect future, one which ultimately shatters, leaving the world to begin again.

In this far future, Nyahri hunts with her tribe and tends her horses—dreaming of Old Gods.

When one Goddess arises, hell bent on righting old wrongs and exacting her own justice, Nyahri follows, and she discovers both horrors and an ancient love which cannot die.

Available digitally or in paperback.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

As I head into the second year of the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series, it’s safe to say “I think we’ve got something here.” The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has generously offered funding for a year’s worth of additional readings. We’ve hosted fifteen readers (and Carrie Vaughn has joined us twice!), and had several hundred total attendees. On 9 March at 7pm, I’ll host Reading no. 9 with authors Molly Tanzer and Laurence MacNaughton.

During the coming months, look right here for more from the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series. Learn more about the Reading Series.

WhimsyCon — March 1st to 3rd

Join me at WhimsyCon from 1 March to 3 March at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center. WhimsyCon is a lot of fun — part celebration of Steampunk, part celebration of costuming, it provides a little something for everyone who loves the weird genres. There’ll be lot a fantastic writers there, and lots of great readings. Come to discover your next favorite genre author.

WhimsyCon J.L. Forrest Science Fiction Steampunk Nukepunk Fantasy

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