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This is the personal and professional site of the writer J.L. Forrest.

Fierce Family

Fiction: Fierce Family Anthology

JLF: See my story The Collared Signal in Crossed Genre’s Fierce Family anthology, along with many other talented writers’ tales, challenging perceptions of family, gender, and sexuality in science fiction. You can purchase Fierce Family today on Amazon!

Chasing Forever

Free Fiction: Chasing Forever

JLF: Most of my work fits neatly within the science-fiction rubric. Every few stories, I try something different.


Free Fiction: The Treachery of Cats

JLF: This is a 550-word ultrashort story I wrote for Neil Gaiman’s challenge in The Guardian.

Sum of Errors

Free Fiction: Sum of Errors

JLF: This is a short story originally submitted for the APEX Halloween short-story competition in 2002.


Those writers and creatives I think you should know. Please follow these links to their sites.

Boulder Writers' Workshop

Interview: Boulder Writers’ Workshop

The Boulder Writers’ Workshop gave me a warm welcome to their roster of professional members and we did an excellent interview. Please read it and get to know the Workshop!

Ink Pantry

Ink Pantry Interview

In November 2013, Ink Pantry Publishing interviewed me for their online magazine. Read the full interview.


The Value of Revisiting Old Work

Recently, I revisited an older work of mine, an unpublished novel drafted first in 2001

The Life & Death of a Sex Doll

Review: The Life & Death of a Sex Doll by Zoe E. Whitten

Zoe E. Whitten’s The Life & Death of a Sex Doll delivers some challenges and surprises.

Dancing with Demons

Review: Dancing with Demons: A Comedy of Sorts by Shana Cordon

The stage can give insight into being human. It can entertain, spinning wondrous fairytales. Dancing with Demons: A Comedy of Sorts, by playwright and actress Shana Cordon, accomplishes both feats.

One Night with a Rock Star

Review: One Night with a Rock Star by Chana Keefer

Chana Keefer’s One Night with a Rock Star is a cautionary coming-of-age tale.


A Dangerous Method

Writing is dangerous.


Depression and the Need to Write

Are you hypergraphic? Can you stop yourself from writing?