Requies Dawn is the first installment of the Eternal Requiem, a saga of the far future…

Requies Dawn

Requies Dawn (2017)

In the ages following the Eventide, the pariah Sultah yw Sabi must fight her own kind, must turn against her own sisters and brothers, in order to undo the wrongs of a former era. She awakens to a world and a time she scarcely recognizes, where her survival is anything but assured. To succeed against her brethren, she will need the companionship and devotion of the huntress Nyahri, a young woman who has never known high technologies and vast powers, but who knows yw Sabi’s heart as well as anyone ever could.

For her part, Nyahri will face a universe she scarcely could have imagined, and she will come to understand a love which can never die.


Gary Henry, reviewer for Honest Indie, writes:

[This] is a compelling adventure, written with elegance, power, imagination, passion and compassion. In my opinion, a true virtuoso performance.

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