Titania and Bottom, by Henry Fuseli. There's a major clue, in this image, as to what the mirrorists is about.

Titania and Bottomby Henry Fuseli.

The Mirrorists is a series of interconnected stories, my current work-in-progress. These last few months have seen the release of Minuscule Truths, my second collection of short fiction, along with revised editions of Delicate Ministrations and Requies Dawn. That’s great, but onward. Join me for what’s next… it’s exciting, and I need your help.

In these tales, many worlds mirror our own, and I’ll be borrowing heavily from fairytales: Oberon and Titania, Rumpelstiltskin, the hollowed hills of the Celts, the spirit worlds of medieval Japan, the elves of the Norse, and on and on. But what of such parallel worlds in modern times? What fay places exist alongside New York City? What happens in the sideways places of contemporary Sydney or Rome, Seattle or San Antonio?

I aim to tell you, but I want you to join in the telling. I hope you’ll like The Mirrorists.

There’re a few goals with these stories:

  • To share the process with readers, to bring you along with the work as it takes form.
  • To discover, strengthen, and deepen relationships with readers, to see where that takes the creation.
  • To have fun.

The experiment will begin in Denver. The “Mirror Denver” will be a place with some fantastical entities, and like the fay lands of many folktales, time will mean something different there than in our world. In Mirror Denver—or the Denver Faie—anachronisms will abound, and it’ll be a great chance to play with history and cultural themes. I know this, though: I don’t want to decide on all the themes, all the history, all the secrets worth discovering. Some of that, I hope, will come from readers, from your interests, and from the stories of families who have lived in Denver for generations.

I’m going to put together some readings, maybe with groups of other authors. I’ll be finding some community partners whose places or businesses may appear within the stories, and then we’ll see what’ll unfold.

Pet Peeves of Style: Quotation & Punctuation
Reading no. 1—Carrie Vaughn & Laurence MacNaughton