MalCon Denver 2017

This weekend, I’ll be at MaLCon Denver, along with the legendary Jacqueline Carey, author of Kushiel’s Dart and other breathtaking fiction. I’ll also be there with Lou Berger, Travis Heermann, Emily Godhand, Jason Evans, and so many others.

MaLCon is an writer-centric convention, with lots of opportunities to socialize or talk shop, and my panel schedule is light. Let’s connect—if you’re going to be at MaLCon, come find me.


  • Fri 10pm: How *Not* to Get Published
  • Sat Noon: Mixed-Genre Authors and Writing
  • Sat 7pm: Pursuing Your Dreams
  • Sat 10pm: QUILTBAG Characters

At this moment, I’m finalizing some giveaways and other goodies for MaLCon attendees. See you there!

Progress: Proof Corrections for Delicate Ministrations
MaLCon Denver 2017—Day Two