New Book Description for Requies Dawn

Marketing Is a Strange Beast

The language of marketing, which appears outside the covers of books, and the language of the prose, which appears inside the covers of books, are utterly different. The former only resembles English. Here is the copy for the new book description:

The Atreianii are gods of fortune and gods of death, worshipped by a hundred tribes. For untold generations these gods have slept within their subterranean fortresses, their Citadels, scattered across the world.

When one Citadel explodes, its hellfire lights the sky from horizon to horizon. One goddess alone emerges from the ashes, slag, and ruins. Her singular obsession is to reach the next distant Citadel—before it’s too late.

Nyahri, an E’cwn huntress, witnesses the destruction and finds herself in the presence of the divine—a brooding, enigmatic, commanding Atreiani with hair like the night sky between stars.

What else can Nyahri do but accompany her? What else but offer a goddess her loyalty?

They cross forests and mountains, struggle across hostile territory and frozen wastes. Along the way, Nyahri earns Sultah yw Sabi’s trust and proves herself invaluable—and more. She also finds Sultah yw Sabi a goddess of warm flesh and blood, but one with dark plans and a lonely heart. They will grow to need each other, because in these unforgiving lands, the gods themselves can bleed and enemies are everywhere.

Nyahri will learn she is stronger than she thinks. She learns, too, that loyalty to the gods can exact a terrible price.

Requies Dawn is like nothing you’ve read before—

A post-civilization, mind-bending epic of science fiction.

A western. A fantasy.

A tale of desire and longing.

All these, woven into a seamless, world-shattering, beautiful vision.

You’ll love Requies Dawn, the first in the series of the Eternal Requiem. Read it now!

An interview with author J.L. Forrest:

Where did this book come from? Requies Dawn isn’t like anything else you’ve written.

That’s not entirely true! I’m best known for far-future hard science fiction, but I play in other sandboxes too. I adore crossing genres, bending or burning genre expectations to get at something fresh.

The Eternal Requiem series doesn’t immediately declare its nature to readers, which is a dangerous and interesting way to tell stories. I want readers to trust the storytelling first, to lose themselves in the narrative, and consider the genre after they’ve finished the last page.

At the opening, Nyahri’s world seems foreign and fantastical. By the end, it’s something quite different, isn’t it? That’s part of bending the genres.

Is the story “Progenesis” a prequel to the Eternal Requiem series?

Yeah, so, “Progenesis” was a novelette that appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact in October 2016. You could interpret it as a prequel, sure, though several thousand years separate “Progenesis” and Requies Dawn. Back issues of Analog can be hard to find, but “Progenesis” will appear in an upcoming collection titled Peculiar Declarations. That should be out at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

Who would most enjoy reading Requies Dawn?

Readers who love high adventure, smart science fiction, and epics.

The world of this book is complex. On one hand, we have the textures of fantasy and characters traveling across rugged countrysides by horseback. On the other, we learn that magic isn’t magical and the gods are not what they seem. I’m not ruining anything by revealing that advanced technology plays a significant role in Nyahri’s world, even if she doesn’t know it.

What else should we know about Requies Dawn?

This is speculative fiction. It’s neither dystopian nor utopian. Its characters are morally, socially, and sexually complex, and it is a world of cultures, mores, and systems much different than our own. If I’ve done my work, it will draw you in and keep you.

Also, it’s the first in a trilogy. Book two is on its way.

You can read Requies Dawn for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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