New Book Description for Delicate Ministrations

Marketing Is a Strange Beast

The language of marketing, which appears outside the covers of books, and the language of the prose, which appears inside the covers of books, are utterly different. The former only resembles English. Here is the copy for the new book description for Delicate Ministrations:

Eleven wondrous works of short fiction from a masterful storyteller.

— In the novella Liminal, it’s a humanist future, but humans aren’t in charge anymore. A mysterious Signal has arrived from the depths of space. While trying to unravel its mystery, Marya must also visit Jupiter, seed life on Venus, and reconnect with her roots on Earth.

— In an overpopulated world, it might help if everyone were gay, like the Kurt Cobain song told us. Then again, maybe make room for everyone to be themselves.

— On an icy plain, two fishermen must outrace the sun, which gobbles the east and kills every living thing it touches. Tempting to dawdle upon the ice, to catch another basketful, but the sun approaches.

— A distant, forgotten, crumbling space station. A cold war between survivors. Two households, enemies alike in dignity, star-crossed lovers included. The Capulets, by the by, are cannibals.

— Nothing like a cat to nab an assassin.

— We’re not in Kansas anymore. Humans, in fact, don’t seem to be anywhere anymore. Who is left to walk this Yellow Brick Road?

— A journey of a thousand years to the far-flung stars. A trio of lovers meant to settle a new world. There’s a ghost in the machine, and what happens when it gets lonely?

— In this fantastical fairytale, five fancy foxes break the laws of the Fairy Queen. Stealing into the farmers’ fields, they eat their fill of piquant piglet, but penalties for lawlessness are pitiless. Aren’t all the great fairytales bloody?

— In virtual reality, everyone can feed their darkest desires. One cop hunts the worst of the worst.

— Decompression in space sucks. Don’t worry, because The Amateur Spacefarer’s Ultimate Survival Guide is here to help.

— The aliens won’t connect with us. That might be okay, because we humans have a hard enough time connecting with each other.

Delicate Ministrations is a rhapsodic collection from science-fiction and fantasy author J.L. Forrest.

His work has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Crossed Genres, Third Flatiron, Alien Abduction, Tales of Woe and Wonder, A Baker’s Dozen of Magic, and others.

Like those of Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, Ray Bradbury, or Ursula K. Le Guin, Forrest’s stories cross and bend genres. They thrill us and allow us to escape, but they also give us fresh ways to look at the world and at ourselves.

You’ll love Delicate Ministrations, the first of J.L. Forrest’s collections.

An interview with author J.L. Forrest:

Tell us about Delicate Ministrations. Why these stories?

Well, why short stories at all? Good short fiction allows many writers, like me, to experiment more fully than we can with novels. Read more short fiction! It’s often where the edgiest storytelling appears, where authors can stretch and take huge chances. The real magic happens in short fiction, mine included.

Who should read Delicate Ministrations?

I’d like to say everyone!

Honestly, as a writer I want to plant my flag with Neil Gaiman or Kelly Link, meaning that the storytelling is much more important than the genre. Don’t read me for science fiction. Don’t read me for fantasy. Hard science fiction, science fantasy, high fantasy, horror, whatever—all these are vehicles for great storytelling.

Read Delicate Ministrations if you want that.

What’s in Delicate Ministrations?

This collection offers a combination of short stories and novelettes, with one novella, Liminal. This is a smorgasbord of not only some of my better writing, but it has a broad range of flavors.

Delicate Ministrations is the first of my short-story collections. Minuscule Truths is the second. A third is on the way, titled Peculiar Declarations.

You can read Delicate Ministrations for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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