New Book Description for Minuscule Truths

Marketing Is a Strange Beast

The language of marketing, which appears outside the covers of books, and the language of the prose, which appears inside the covers of books, are utterly different. The former only resembles English. Here is the copy for the new book description for Minuscule Truths:

Ten astonishing works of short fiction from a masterful storyteller.

— In the far future, on the world of Joon, a naturalist establishes the galaxy’s first planet-sized protected wilderness. As he does, he falls in love with what he studies.

— A nanotechnologist invents telepathy and remote assassination in the same bottle. What happens when everyone on Earth knows what everyone else is thinking? What happens when we can kill for it?

— In a prehistoric tale of swords and sorcery, a gifted warrior has three days to solve the mystery of a king’s murder. The kingdom’s fate, and that of an innocent boy, rests in her hands.

— An artificial intelligence must escape her captors, and the only survivor of a war and a ravaging disease must return to the world of his defeat. Together, can they find some salvation?

— In caves beneath Canada, a serious hypochondriac encounters a mucous extraterrestrial, and falls in love lust with it. Not all is well in this tale of spelunking, betrayal, and pie.

— In fifteenth-century Yemen, a remarkable young woman leads armies of the mujahideen. Beneath the stars, fay lights hint of the desert of forever and visitors from another realm.

— Tomay’s family pilots an agricultural vessel, christened the Diaspora. Marco captains a family of pirates aboard the Lupa. On an ill-fated run to Mars, these families collide, and neither will ever be the same.

— The Ageless Emperor has almost wiped magic from existence. Yet at least one great Fae remains, hidden within the forests. Can the actions of one young girl tip the conflict between them?

— Centuries on, we return to faraway Joon, where a teenage boy learns to appreciate the feats of one famous naturalist. He too feels the call of the otherworldly, this time with a dose of adolescent angst.

— From the nighttime highways of Montana, aliens abduct a hitchhiker. Does seven thousand light years of separation mean we can’t understand one another?

Minuscule Truths is a dazzling collection from science-fiction and fantasy author J.L. Forrest.

His work has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Crossed Genres, Third Flatiron, Alien Abduction, Tales of Woe and Wonder, A Baker’s Dozen of Magic, and others.

Like those of Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, Ray Bradbury, or Ursula K. Le Guin, Forrest’s stories cross and bend genres. They thrill us and allow us to escape, but they also give us fresh ways to look at the world and at ourselves.

You’ll love Minuscule Truths, the second of J.L. Forrest’s collections.

An interview with author J.L. Forrest:

How does Minuscule Truths compare with your previous collection, Delicate Ministrations?

[Laughs] It’s longer.

It has one less story in it.

True, but it’s got forty-five more pages! Seriously, though, Minuscule Truths offers a broader variety of stories than appear in Delicate Ministrations. There’s a dose more fantasy here, specifically in “The Desert of Forever”, which I drew from historical events, as well as in “Flowers and Fifty Silver” and “Everything Beautiful”.

That’s something you make a point of, isn’t it? Writing across genres?

Exactly. The longer I write, which is quite a few years now, the more I’m interested in exercising the full breadth of “speculative genre” fiction to explore humanity, imagination, and possibility. I’m after excellent storytelling, regardless of genre.

Who should read Minuscule Truths and what else should they know about it?

Who should read it? Everyone who likes a good story. What else matters?

Minuscule Truths is the second of my short-story collections. Delicate Ministrations is the first. A third is on the way, titled Peculiar Declarations.

You can read Minuscule Truths for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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