Reading no. 4 — Michael F. Haspil & J.A. Hunter

For the fourth installment of the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series, I had the great pleasure of hosting authors Michael F. Haspil and J.A. Hunter. Michael read from his hypnotic, hardboiled, and horrifying novel, Graveyard Shift, giving us a world where vampires live in the open, along with other denizens of the darkness, and we need detectives and crime units to police them. Jame Hunter read from Viridian Gate Online, offering us a taste of realms which may one day be all too possible — a massive multiplayer online environment which is both a virtual reality and the only reality remaining to us.

As it has before, BookBar gave us the most marvelous home for the evening. Books were sold and signed, and we had a great time. Go to BookBar, buy books, and support local and independent booksellers. For every book you buy at BookBar, a fairy gets its wings.1

Be sure to RSVP for Reading no. 5 on 14 July 2018, at BookBar, 7pm. July’s reading will feature authors Jeffe Kennedy and Darynda Jones. Check back for more information, follow developments on Facebook, or join the Meetup. Learn more about the Reading Series.

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  1. Full disclosure: That’s not true. A fairy won’t get its wings. A zombie will, however, win a one-week supply of brains.

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