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New Project: The Mirrorists

These last few months have seen the release of Minuscule Truths, my second collection of short fiction, along with revised editions of Delicate Ministrations and Requies Dawn. That’s great, but onward. Join me for what’s next… it’s exciting, and I need your help.

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NEW RELEASE: Minuscule Truths

Minuscule Truths (2017)

Minuscule Truths: Short Fictions

It has arrived! Ten short stories of science fiction, fantasy, and literature… stories of great heart and fearful imagination. Check them out!

Minuscule Truths on Amazon.

Minuscule Truths on Barnes & Noble.

Or order it from your local bookstore.

Progress: Proof Corrections for Delicate Ministrations

Today I’m entering the final proof corrections for the second edition of Delicate Ministrations.

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Reviewing Proofs and an Excellent Interview with Beyond the Trope

In the midst of reviewing proofs for various print editions fo Minuscule Truths and Requies Dawn. While I was at it, I had a great interview with the folks from the Beyond the Trope Podcast.

I’m not a perfectionist, really…

This evening I’m working on revisions to ePub and Kindle files for Requies Dawn and Minuscule Truths.

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Marketing ‘O’ Marketing

Fantastic marketing day for Miniscule Truths.

Requested NetGalley listings, scheduled three interviews, made some requests for readings opportunities, listed everything with SFWA. Tomorrow, more of the same. Let’s get the word out!

Science Fiction and the Personal-Political (3 of 3)

The Personal-Political in Speculative Fiction

In this third and final part to Science Fiction and the Personal-Political, let’s look at speculative fiction. More than all fiction as a whole, science fiction expresses explicit wishes for reality to be other than as it is, as well as warnings about what it might become.

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Science Fiction and the Personal-Political (2 of 3)

Privilege and the Personal-Political in Writing

In this second part of Science Fiction and the Personal-Political, we begin with the influence of privilege on our perceptions of literature. My ever-handy dictionary defines privilege as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”

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Science Fiction and the Personal-Political (1 of 3)

Politics in fiction today is a touchy subject1, but one which still worth discussing. In opening, I wish to posit three points about it, especially in speculative fiction.

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Pet Peeves of Style: Quotation & Punctuation

Do you know when punctuation should appear inside quotation marks? Do you know when it shouldn’t?

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