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Progress: Proof Corrections for Delicate Ministrations

Today I’m entering the final proof corrections for the second edition of Delicate Ministrations.

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Reviewing Proofs and an Excellent Interview with Beyond the Trope

In the midst of reviewing proofs for various print editions fo Minuscule Truths and Requies Dawn. While I was at it, I had a great interview with the folks from the Beyond the Trope Podcast.

I’m not a perfectionist, really…

This evening I’m working on revisions to ePub and Kindle files for Requies Dawn and Minuscule Truths.

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Marketing ‘O’ Marketing

Fantastic marketing day for Miniscule Truths.

Requested NetGalley listings, scheduled three interviews, made some requests for readings opportunities, listed everything with SFWA. Tomorrow, more of the same. Let’s get the word out!

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