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NEW RELEASE: Minuscule Truths

Minuscule Truths (2017)

Minuscule Truths: Short Fictions

It has arrived! Ten short stories of science fiction, fantasy, and literature… stories of great heart and fearful imagination. Check them out!

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Minuscule Truths

Minuscule Truths is the second collection of my short fiction, which includes tales mythical, fantastical, fae, and science fictional…

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Requies Dawn

Requies Dawn is the first installment of the Eternal Requiem, a saga of the far future…

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Delicate Ministrations

Delicate Ministrations collects eleven short stories, which cross genres from myth and fantasy to hard-science fiction. Eleven tales fay and science fictional, for your personal delectation…

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The Desert of Forever

“The Desert of Forever” appears in the anthology A Baker’s Dozen of Magic, edited by Jessica Brawner for the Story of the Month Club

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Lampblack and Dust

“Lampblack and Dust” will always have a special place in my heart. This short tale of the Weird West is unlike anything I wrote before it, or since.

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Something of a prequel to the Eternal Requiem stories, “Progenesis” appears in the October 2016 edition of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

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Sentience Signified

In May 2015, Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Trevor Quachri, published “Sentience Signified”. The printing of this story earned my entry into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as an Associate member, marking another significant turning point in my writing during the past several years.

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Fierce Family: The Collared Signal

One of my stories—”The Collared Signal”—appeared in a special publication by the award-winning Crossed Genres. Accepted in 2013 and published in 2014, Fierce Family marked a turning point for me, a return to writing after a long hiatus from creative work.

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