When the World Ends

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Bett wants more than anything to survive. But how do you survive the end of the world?

A plague called Blight. Violence, fire, and zealotry. Fear, floods, famine, and war. Bett must overcome these, and she must keep moving. If she reaches the coast, crossing half of Canada, then she must decide:

North? Or south?

To the north, the U.S. military has cordoned off Fairbanks, inviting survivors of Blight to hole up as long as possible in the wilds of Alaska. A generation or two is all the Earth’s got left, but maybe they can make the best of it?

To the south, a self-proclaimed King is offering everyday people a one-way ticket off the Earth. Avidità, one of the New Gods of the emerging technological singularity, is the only trillionaire who doesn’t seem anxious to leave the poor behind.

In the crux of her decision, Bettina encounters a bewildering, witchy woman who speaks with animals and who listens to whispers on the wind. Mystifying things walk the enduring forests, and rumours of Old Gods spread terror throughout the Cascades.

Old Gods who have no intention of letting the Earth die. Old Gods who want Bett on their side.

When the World Ends is a collaborative project which produced this novella, as well as an electronic track by the same name. “When the World Ends” is by artists King Makis and AwakeFM, who hail from the international production house known as NiceFM, an electronic label based out of Milwaukee.


NiceFM, King Makis, AwakeFM, J.L. Forrest

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