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The Importance of Altering Our Geographies

In our heads, fantasy and science-fiction writers go to crazy places, other worlds, and extra dimensions. In reality, though, a change of geography can lead our creativity to new heights and ground us in broader truths.

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Reading no. 2 — K.B. Wagers & Davyne DeSye

Orbit author K.B. Wagers read from the first in her Indranan War series, Behind the Throne, and Davyne DeSye from her poignant and thought-provoking Carapace. As it has before, BookBar gave us the most marvelous home for the evening. Many books were sold and signed, and we had a great time.

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Reading no. 1—Carrie Vaughn & Laurence MacNaughton

The inaugural installment of Denver’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series was a resounding success, bringing a great crowd to Denver’s own BookBar. New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn read from her newest novel, Bannerless, and Laurence MacNaughton read from his outrageously funny A Kiss Before Doomsday.

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Recommend What’s Good, Never Mind the Stars

How is it one of the greatest science-fiction novels of the twentieth century earns the same rating as a badly informed masturbation fantasy filled with dangerous BDSM advice? Let’s find out, and then do something about it. Recommend worthy books, and be wary of the five-star rating system.

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Reader Bias, Analysis, and the Lie of Five Stars

A Culture of Bias Today, we have a culture of bias, one which celebrates our irrationalities rather than seeking to minimize them. This culture infects our politics, relationships, and economy—all negatively—not just in the United States but around the...

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New Project: The Mirrorists

The Mirrorists is a series of interconnected stories, my current work-in-progress. These last few months have seen the release of Minuscule Truths, my second collection of short fiction, along with revised editions of Delicate Ministrations and Requies Dawn. That's...

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Pet Peeves of Style: Quotation & Punctuation

Do you know when punctuation should appear inside quotation marks? Do you know when it shouldn't? For quotation marks, usages differ between American and British standards. These differences are not limited to the employment of single versus double quotations, and...

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