The Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading Series

The Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading Series occurs every second Saturday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Held at the charming BookBar on Tennyson, in the vibrant Berkeley neighborhood, the reading series brings authors together in an intimate atmosphere.

I host the series so that they can share their work, talking with me and with fans both old and new, and so that everyone interested can enjoy an out-of-this-world evening while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground with good company, excellent wine,1 and tasty nibbles.

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BookBar Denver

Reading no. 7 — Carrie Vaughn & Betsy Dornbusch — 10 November 2018

On 10 November,  I hosted author Carrie Vaughn (Philip K. Dick Award winner and author of The Wild Dead) and Betsy Dornbusch (author of The Silver Scar). Last November, for the inaugural installment of the Reading Series, she read from her award-winning novel Bannerless. Since then, Bannerless won the Philip K. Dick Award and Carrie has given us its sequel—The Wild Dead. For her reading, Carrie gave us “Where Would You Be Now?”, a story which predates the events of Bannerless by sixty years.

Betsy Dornbusch read from The Silver Scar. Dornbusch’s alternate Boulder will captivate you. As a former faculty member of the University of Colorado Boulder, I feel I might have lived this story in some small, traumatizing way. It’s excellent.

Look here for photos of the event, coming soon!

Rebecca Roanhorse, Lauren Teffeau, J.L. Forrest
Rebecca Roanhorse & Lauren C. Teffeau

Reading no. 6 — Rebecca Roanhorse and Lauren C. Teffeau — 8 September 2018

On 8 September,  I hosted Rebecca Roanhorse (Nebula, Campbell, and Hugo Award winner and author of Trail of Lightning) and Lauren C. Teffeau (author of Implanted). Rebecca read a potpourri from her stories and novels, and Lauren read the opening chapter of her novel.

These are two remarkably unique writers, and I was thrilled to have them at the BookBar. See what you might have missed.

Reading Series, J.L. Forrest, Darynda Jones, Jeffe Kennedy
Darynda Jones & Jeffe Kennedy

Reading no. 5 — Jeffe Kennedy and Darynda Jones — 16 July 2018

On 14 July, I hosted authors Jeffe Kennedy and Darynda Jones. Jeffe read from her Prisoner of the Crown, and Darynda read from The Trouble with Twelfth Grave. These are two colossally fantastic writers, and I was privileged to share time with them at the BookBar.

We had a great discussion, our largest turnout yet, and lots of books were signed. Take a look at what you might have missed. 

James J.A. Hunter, Michael Haspil, J.L. Forrest
Michael F. Haspil & J.A. Hunter

Reading no. 4 — Michael F. Haspil and J.A. Hunter — 12 May 2018

On 12 May at BookBar, I hosted author Michael F. Haspil, a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, and best-selling author J.A. Hunter for the fourth in the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series. Michael read from his hip and noir Graveyard Shift, and James Hunter read from Viridian Gate Online. Discussions were had, books were signed, and all had a great time.

See what you might have missed. As always, BookBar offered tasty treats and marvelous drinks. 

Mario Acevedo, Wayne Faust, Van Aaron Hughes, J.L. Forrest
Wayne Faust, Mario Acevedo, & Van Aaron Hughes

Reading no. 3 — Van Aaron Hughes, Mario Acevedo, and Wayne Faust — 10 March 2018

On 10 March at BookBar, we honored the late Ed Bryant, longtime giant of Rocky Mountain science fiction and luminary of speculative writing. Authors Van Aaron Hughes, Mario Acevedo, and Wayne Faust read original selections from Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence, a collection of stories which reflect Ed’s memory and celebrate the work of some of today’s most remarkable writers.

Discussion were had, books were signed, and all had a great time. See what you might have missed. BookBar offered tasty treats and excellent drinks.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series, BookBar, Denver, J.L. Forrest
K.B. Wagers & DaVyne Desye

Reading no. 2 — K.B. Wagers and DaVyne Desye — 13 January 2018

Hosted by yours truly, K.B. Wagers and Davyne DeSye read from Behind the Throne and Carapace, respectively. This was at the BookBar in Denver, Colorado on 13 January from 7pm to 9pm. Words were read, books were signed, much fun was had! See what you might have missed.

Hosted by yours truly, Carrie Vaughn and Laurence MacNaughton read from Bannerless and A Kiss Before Doomsday, respectively, at the BookBar in Denver, on 11 November.

Words were read, books were signed, much fun was had! Learn more about what you might have missed.


  1. While the wine is only for those twenty-one and older, these events are all-ages and open to the public. Authors may, however, choose to read from sections of their works which may not be entirely appropriate for all audiences, but the bookstore contains plenty of nooks and crannies for temporary retreat with little ones and sensitive ears!