The Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading Series

The Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading Series occurs every second Saturday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Currently at the charming BookBar on Tennyson, in the vibrant Berkeley neighborhood, the reading series brings authors together in an intimate atmosphere. I host the series so that they can share their work, talking with me and with fans both old and new, and so that everyone interested can enjoy an out-of-this-world evening while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground with good company, excellent wine,* and tasty nibbles.

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Reading No. 2—13 Jan 2018

Updates Coming Soon!

Guests for Reading No. 2 of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series will be authors Connie Willis and K.B. Wagers. I’ll be exceptionally honored to host them, and I’ll have more information for you soon.

Reading No. 1—11 Nov 2017

Sci-Fi Reading with Carrie Vaughn and Laurence MacNaughton

Hosted by yours truly, Carrie Vaughn and Laurence MacNaughton will be reading from Bannerless and A Kiss Before Doomsday, respectively. This will be at the BookBar in Denver, Colorado on 11 November from 7pm to 9pm. Words will be read, books will be signed, much fun will be had! Join us! Learn more on Facebook or at the Meetup. Thank you.

* While the wine is only for those twenty-one and older, these events are all-ages and open to the public. Authors may, however, choose to read from sections of their works which may not be entirely appropriate for all audiences, but the bookstore contains plenty of nooks and crannies for temporary retreat with little ones and sensitive ears!