J.L. Forrest

I write science fiction and fantasy.

Like Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, or Michael Chabon, my writing carries me across genres, and I constantly wish to challenge readers’ perceptions of genre — I love any tale excellently told. Leave the world awhile — or explore its every nook.

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Gods of the New Moons by J.L. Forrest
Gods of the New Moons
Book 2
Songs at the End of the World

Launched from orbit. 
Crashed in hostile territory. 

And the infant he carries won’t stop crying.

Thus Aurelius begins his mission, a race to penetrate the very heart of the Faen, the territory of the Queens of the Horned Lord. He must reach them alive. He must reach them across a land of killers. He must reach them before he runs out of baby formula. 

And as a man of reason from a high-tech world, he must reach them with his sanity intact. 

For there in the Faen, dark Gods and madness await him. 

Join Aurelius on his journey. Read Gods of the New Moons today.

When the World Ends by J.L. Forrest
When the World Ends
Book 1
Songs at the End of the World

Bett wants more than anything to survive. 
But how do you survive the end of the world?

A plague called Blight. 
Violence, fire, and zealotry. 
Fear, floods, famine, and war. 

Bett must overcome these, and she must keep moving. If she reaches the coast, crossing half of Canada, then she must decide— 

To the north, survivors of Blight will hole up as long as possible. To the south, a King is offering everyday people a one-way ticket off Earth.

North? Or south?

Join Bett on her journey. Read When the World Ends today.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Denver Pop Culture Con 2019

Surprise! I’ll be participating as an author panelist in Denver’s Pop Culture Con. I’ll post updates here, and on Twitter, as I learn the details. Come join me, and other fantastic folks, at the Colorado Convention Center THIS WEEKEND!

I’m confirmed on two panels:

  • Non-Toxic Masculinity: Tough Guys in Fiction (ROOM 601 , Sunday 2 June 2019, 10:30am to 11:20am)
  • Cut to the Chase: Short Fiction vs. Novels (DPCCP 4 Keystone City, Sunday 2 June 2019, 4:00pm to 4:50 pm)

I’ll let you know if I schedule for any others in the interim!

As I head into the second year of the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series, it’s safe to say “I think we’ve got something here.” The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has generously offered funding for a year’s worth of additional readings. We’ve hosted fifteen readers (and Carrie Vaughn has joined us twice!), and had several hundred total attendees. On 9 March at 7pm, I’ll host Reading no. 9 with authors Molly Tanzer and Laurence MacNaughton.

During the coming months, look right here for more from the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Series. Learn more about the Reading Series.

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